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The real estate speculation allegation of Ryu Jun-yeol, who earned 4 billion won from selling a building was re-examined on “Entertainment Weekly”

Ryu Jun-yeol, who earned hundreds of millions of won from the sale of buildings, was mentioned on a recent broadcast.

KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly”, which aired on August 4th, talked about stars who earned huge profits from selling real estate in the first half of 2022.

ryu jun yeol

Lee Hyo-ri – Lee Sang-soon Couple and Song Hye-kyo reportedly gained about 3 billion won while Seo Tai-ji and Rain – Kim Tae-hee Couple made huge profits of about 30 billion won from the sale of buildings.

The broadcast pointed out, “Many people are criticizing stars who do speculative transactions aimed only at huge gains from the sale of real estate”, and mentioned actor Ryu Jun-yeol as an example.

ryu jun yeol

In fact, Ryu Jun-yeol was embroiled in allegations of real estate speculation as he sold the land in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu he purchased under the name of a corporation in 20220. In particular, he received a bank loan of 5.2 billion won, which is 90% of the land’s price, to buy the building.

He sold the building for 15 billion won in January this year and earned a huge profit of about 4 billion won after tax.

ryu jun yeol

As suspicions of real estate speculation arose, Ryu Jun-yeol’s agency explained, “He was planning to construct a building in Gangnam to run a clothing business (with his friends). Due to Covid-19, the business plan was put on hold and he then decided to sell the building.”

ryu jun yeol

Appearing on “Entertainment Weekly”, tax accountant Na Deok-gyu explained why celebrities buy real estate under the name of corporations, saying “If you establish a corporation, you can avoid high acquisition tax. The corporate tax rate is 22%, which is much lower than the individual maximum tax rate of 49.5%. For this reason, it seems that more and more stars are purchasing buildings by establishing family companies.”

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