Jennie’s attitude once again becomes a controversial topic: Being savage or thoughtless?

In BLACKPINK, Jennie is known for having an “ignorant” attitude in a cool way, but her thoughtless actions towards fans may put her in a controversial situation: Does Jennie really know how to behave properly?

The chic member of BLACKPINK has earned a nickname that fans gave her: “Female version of G-Dragon ”. Although having been in a conflict about her attitude towards the other members, Jennie is still under fans’ protection with lots of evidence.

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Jennie is still well loved by netizens

BLACKPINK’s fans, as well as Jennie’s fans have been used to Jennie’s straightforward personality, but she’s still under fire for having such savage attitude. Many people wonder if it’s the image she’s following or she’s having a real problem with her behavior.

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When the members or fans asked her to wink, she refused immediately.
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Or, when fans asked about her plan on giving Lisa a birthday gift, she said she would give Lisa “a big slap on her face”

Although fans knew it was a joke, some netizens are being judgmental about it.

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Also, In a talk with fans on V LIVE, when Lisa was sharing that she had two hamsters, Jennie abruptly cut in and said “No one asked you!”

Apparently Lisa is the victim of Jennie’s savage personality, as whenever Lisa whispers something into Jennie’s ear, she’ll be rejected instantly.

Or another time, in an award ceremony, Jennie pushed all the water bottles to the sides so that Jisoo couldn’t play around with those bottles.

20180807 100206 jisoo jennie
Jennie can be “mean” to Jisoo sometimes

And there are many other behaviors of Jennie that make netizens wonder if she knows the right way to treat others. However, they are considered very adorable by fans. Many even say while BIG BANG has T.O.P as “the most savage to fans”, Jennie is the one to hold the title in BLACKPINK.

Despite splashing cold water to fans sometimes, Jennie is thought to make a lot of cute gestures to Blinks and other members. To fans, Jennie is being savage, but to others, her actions might be said to be controversial. So what is your opinion?

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