This male singer became famous thanks to the nickname “Big Head” he got after appearing on a variety show

T.M.I about Super Junior’s main vocalist Yesung that you might not know.

Super Junior members appeared on SBS’s entertainment program “My Little Old Boy”, which aired on December 25th, and had a meal together to celebrate Christmas. 

Super Junior Yesung

While playing games, they encountered a question asking them to choose a member whom they never want to introduce to their younger sister supposing that they had one. Choi Si Won, who actually has a younger sister, attracted attention with his serious expression.

Super Junior Yesung

Later, Si Won shouted, “Yesung”. Looking like he was about to cry, Yesung responded, “I hate myself, too. I hate myself even more”, drawing laughter.

What’s funnier is that Super Junior members had previously selected Yesung as  “the member who came all the way here thanks to Super Junior”, and “the member who looks the poorest”.

In fact, Yesung has been the target of unintentional jokes and teasing from the members ever since his debut.

Super Junior Yesung

In the past, Yesung appeared on the entertainment program “Star Golden Bell” and gained the nickname “Daedu” (“Big head” in Korean). His nickname aroused keen attention from the public to the extent that it even appeared as a search term related to Yesung on SNS.

Joining another broadcast of “Star Golden Bell”, Yesung said, “In the previous broadcast, I revealed that I have the second biggest head among the members, and was immediately nicknamed ‘Big head’ Yesung”, adding “Many people recognize me on the street and even ask, ‘Isn’t he the one with the big head?’”.

Super Junior Yesung

Hearing that, comedian Moon Chun Sik, who was also famous for his big head, commented, “That’s not enough to be considered a ‘big head’”, adding “Just compare your head size with mine”, making everyone laugh hard.

Super Junior Yesung

Netizens are also re-examining a pre-debut anecdote about Yesung.

Revealing why he dreamed of becoming a singer, Yesung, who used to be a basketball player representing Cheonan, said, “I don’t like standing in front of many people, but when I was in the second grade of middle school, I joined a festival because I wanted to impress my first love.”

Yesung (Super Junior)

Since then, Yesung started singing. Seeing that new side of Yesung for the first time, his brother and family members told him to go to an audition.

Thanks to his first love, Yesung eventually became a singer. He debuted as a member of Super Junior in 2005. The group released many hit songs, such as “SORRY, SORRY”, “Mr. Simple”, “Devil”, “Black Suit”, etc., and gained huge love from K-pop fans.

Source: Daum

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