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Kim Woo-bin recalled Lee Min-ho having only one shirt throughout this legendary episode of “The Heirs”

Actor Kim Woo-bin recalled the behind-the-scenes of the drama “The Heirs.”

On July 14th, the YouTube channel “MMTK” posted a pre-released video of an interview with actors Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Woo-bin and Kim Tae-ri.

In this video, they had some time to review the best scenes in the drama “The Heirs.” In the drama, Lee Min-ho and Kim Woo-bin had an argument with actress Park Shin-hye in between.

In particular, Kim Woo-bin poured curry on Lee Min-ho and made a harsh comment, but he only poured on the jacket to avoid damaging the white shirt inside. Jae-jae said, “Tan (Lee Min-ho) also threw his jacket after rolling it.” Kim Tae-ri wondered, “Where did the details come from?” 

kim tae ri, kim woo bin

Kim said, “I remember. There was only one shirt. After that, he had to film the next scene,” he recalled.

In addition, Choi Young-do’s quotes such as “Hello Sister?” “Because You’re Pretty” and “You’re Mine From Today” have also attracted attention. Jae-jae asked, “Among these, is there a line that you used in your daily life?” and Kim Woo-bin picked, “What are you XXing again?”

kim tae ri, kim woo bin

In addition, when receiving an award for his role, Kim Woo-bin even used Choi Young-do’s lines and said, “Why are you giving me an award like this? It makes me want to work harder.”

Source: Nate

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