This ‘drunk driving’ idol group member gets blurred on public TV broadcast

Shinhwa member Shin Hye Sung, who caused a drunk driving controversy, got blurred on broadcasts.

The August 26th broadcast of KBS2’s “Mr. House Husband 2” showed Hyun Jin Young meeting Park Nam Jung and StayC.

When Hyun Jin Young mentioned BoA, TVXQ, and Shinhwa as his students, the broadcast showed pictures of BoA, TVXQ and Shinwa on the screen.

Shin Hye seong

In particular, many people noticed that there was a blurred part when Shinhwa’s music video came out. The person who got blurred was Shin Hye Sung, the member who committed drunk driving. Through this incident, it is confirmed that Shin Hye Sung has been restricted from appearing on KBS.

Earlier in April last year, KBS suspended the appearance of Kim Sae Ron and Shin Hye Sung through the Broadcasting Review Committee. As a result, the two will not be allowed to show up on KBS programs in the future. 

Shin Hye seong

KBS considers acts that cause social controversy through illegal or unethical actions as subjects for broadcast appearance regulation and review.

Shin Hye Sung was arrested in October last year on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and refusing the police’s request to take a breathalyzer test. At that time he was driving home from the restaurant in Nohyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, and fell asleep at Tancheon Bridge 2 in Jamsil, where the police arrested him.

Shin Hye seong

In the end, Shin Hye Sung was sentenced to 6 months in suspended prison and one year of probation for violating the Road Traffic Act and illegal use of cars. However, the prosecution filed an appeal to the court, stating that the punishment was too light. The appeal trial will be held later.

Source: Wikitree

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