Rosé Looks Upset When Appearing In Public After Rumors Of BLACKPINK Not Renewing Contracts

BLACKPINK Rosé’s expressions at the airport recently drew keen attention

On September 23rd, Rosé arrived at Incheon International Airport to depart for her solo schedule in Paris, France. As soon as she showed up, Rosé wowed reporters and fans with her shining visual with fair white skin and tiny waist.

rose blackpink

Rosé also attracted particular attention that day because it was her first appearance in public since the rumors of 3 BLACKPINK members Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo not renewing their contracts with YG Entertainment. Some people even pointed out that the female idol looked a little upset in photos captured by reporters.

After getting inside the airport, Rosé’s expression became brighter after she received gifts and cheers from fans. In this situation when BLACKPINK’s contract issue is still undecided, fans’ support definitely a big source of strength for Rosé.

rose blackpink

Earlier on the 21st, various media outlets reported that Rosé was the only member who had renewed her contract with YG, while the other three members would move to new agencies. Later on the same day, YG refuted the rumors, emphasizing that BLACKPINK’s contract renewal was still under discussion.

rose blackpink

Fans and the public are watching every move of BLACKPINK members closely and waiting to see their final decisions regarding the contract issue. 

Source: K14

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