Kakao + Melon + SM “abuse of power” vs Big Planet Made “false claims”

Big Planet Made Entertainment (Big Planet) accused Kakao Entertainment (Kakao) of unfair treatment, claiming that Kakao imposed favorable distribution fees on its subsidiaries and affiliate companies

Big Planet stated that they submitted a report to the Fair Trade Commission in January after detecting discriminatory distribution fees between planning companies affiliated with Kakao and other planning companies. They highlighted the disparity in distribution fees and stated that they have evidence to support their claims.

Big Planet speculated that Kakao may be abusing its dominant position in the market through discriminatory distribution fee practices. Despite requesting termination of the distribution contract upon detecting Kakao’s unfair practices, Big Planet claims they were rejected, leading to frustration.


Kakao denied all allegations, expressing regret over Big Planet’s unilateral termination notice and refuting their claims as entirely false.

Kakao emphasized their commitment to maintaining fair partnerships and warned that spreading false information could harm the rights of music industry members and hinder the growth of the global K-pop industry.

They stated their intention to consider all possible responses if Big Planet persists in demanding unilateral contract termination and making claims contrary to the facts.

Finally, Kakao affirmed their commitment to clarifying the truth through thorough investigation to maintain a fair music industry order.

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