K-drama Faces Protest Truck and Intense Viewers’ Criticisms, Even Had to Apologize

On January 26, individuals identifying themselves as viewers of the KBS2 historical drama “Korea–Khitan War” revealed that they are conducting a truck protest in front of KBS in Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, starting from 9 AM of the same day.

Regarding the purpose of the truck protest, the viewers stated, “Of course, historical dramas involve creativity and fiction, and freedom in creation should be guaranteed. However, adaptation and fiction should not deviate from universal historical knowledge. ‘Korea–Khitan War’ recently reached a point where it undermines the value of KBS historical dramas, which the network itself defined, by portraying scenes that deviate from the well-documented historical records of the Goryeo era.”

They raised their voices, condemning KBS for “unreasonable scriptwriting and direction” and for damaging the values ​​of historical dramas that they had declared. They emphasized that their second goal is to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.

Korea–Khitan War-scandal

It is known that the protest truck in front of KBS displays messages such as “Historical distortion, poor development. Is this a historical drama? Don’t manipulate public opinion with the excuse of ‘original work’!”, and ‘Goguryeo War ruined by the insufficient script. The issue is not ‘original work’ but historical distortion!’

Meanwhile, in response to the controversies surrounding “Korea–Khitan War”, KBS has apologized, stating, “As a production team, we feel a heavy sense of responsibility for the recent various disturbances. We also sincerely apologize for the affectionate criticism and sharp rebukes from viewers regarding the broadcast content of the historical drama ‘Korea–Khitan War’. We will take viewers’ opinions into account and make every effort to create a high-quality drama.”

KBS explained that historical data about the Goryeo era is relatively scarce, so the writer’s imagination is necessary to fill in the gaps in history. 

The broadcasting station also explained that to avoid exaggeration and distortion of historical facts, the production team has been carefully working on scriptwriting based on historical books and consulting with experts. 

Source: Naver

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