“Disgusting,” a top singer couple who confessed their infertility recently suddenly posted an ambiguous post? What’s going on?

Lyn, who married singer Lee Soo, posted a message that seemed to be targeting someone, drawing curiosity.

Lyn posted a sentence on her Instagram story on August 2nd without any pictures or explanations.

The story she posted only contains the word “Disgusting,” giving off an ambiguous atmosphere.

The story is raising even more curiosity because there has been no signs before and after the story was uploaded.

Meanwhile, Lyn confessed that she was unable to have a child in April on MBC’s every1 entertainment program “Tteokbokki Brothers.”

It’s not that we avoid having one on purpose, we’ve tried very hard, but it’s not easy. Even if we went to the hospital, we still failed. I even did the test tube several times and even had an ectopic pregnancy. But we still haven’t got the chance to welcome our child,” she confessed.

Source: wikitree

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