Taeyeon, the leader of SNSD for 14 years, gave a touching confession, “SNSD means the whole country to me”

Taeyeon’s touching confession has melted the heart of many KPOP fans.

On the evening of September 1, SNSD finally appeared on “Yoo Quiz On The Block” as a whole group of 8 members. After 4 years, this is the first time SNSD members appeared on a show together to celebrate their 14th debut anniversary.

8 members of SNSD reunited on Yoo Quiz On The Block

During the show, the members shared a lot of stories about their 14 years of being idols. They have dedicated their youth to make the name SNSD become famous. Therefore, what ‘SNSD’ means to them? This sounds like a simple question, but the answers from 8 members made their fans feel emotional.

Taeyeon confessed, “SNSD means the whole country to me. SNSD is like a country where I come from, and I’m a citizen in that country. Like the way the Korean athletes competed in the Olympics to bring pride to our country, I’m proud of being able to sing as a member of SNSD.”

Taeyeon’s confession about the meaning of SNSD has touched the heart of many people

Unlike the other members, Taeyeon is also a leader of the national group for the past 14 years. Taeyeon used all her pride to talk about SNSD, a name that always makes her proud.

SNSD is Taeyeon’s biggest pride

Fans couldn’t help but be moved after hearing Taeyeon’s share:

  • Why am I crying all of a sudden?
  • Maybe for Taeyeon, SNSD is really a great pride.
  • Taeyeon cried, it’s rare.
  • I’m so moved. Taeyeon is really proud of SNSD.
  • It’s touching to know that Taeyeon always sings with an SNSD in her heart.
  • I’m also very happy and happy to be a citizen of SNSD. Let’s go together for a long time!
  • At this moment, words like that are really emotional. Those are the best words a leader can use to describe his team.
  • SNSD debuted quite early at that time, only 16-18 years old. Up to now, it has been 14 years, which is half of my life associated with the name SNSD.
  • If SNSD is a country, I will forever be their citizen.
SNSD members answered the question: “What is SNSD to you?”
SNSD is a country for Taeyeon
They have been together for half of their lives as SNSD members
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