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Just Jerk gave other dancers goosebumps with perfectly synchronized performance on “Street Man Fighter”

Dance crew Just Jerk gave everyone the chills with their performance. 

In the latest episode of Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” aired on September 20, the famous dance crew Just Jerk showcased an all-time legendary stage.


On this day, a battle was held to determine the first eliminated crew along with the results of the global K-dance mission.

The leaders of each crew strongly expressed that they were preparing for the battle with extraordinary determination, saying, “We’re not out to fail. We’re out to win,” and “We’re just going to win everything. We will never be eliminated.”

Each crew’s spectacular performance was shown, raising tension among viewers as to who would be eliminated. In particular, Just Jerk showed a perfect performance and captured everyone’s attention.

They appeared in police uniforms and performed a ‘sword-like synchronized group dance’ to every beat, making everyone hold their breath. When the music started, they fired up the stage with incredible movements. 

Just Jerk members showed off their sharp choreography without any error, once again confirming their world-class status. They took the lead by showing high-level movements such as lying down with their backs bent and raising core muscles. 

Just Jerk’s dancing skills were extremely famous before “Street Man Fighter”. The crew achieved worldwide fame by winning domestic and Asian dance competitions, winning the world dance competition “Body Rock 2016”, and advancing to the finals of America’s popular audition program “America’s Got Talent”.

In addition, Just Jerk boasted their high status by performing solo at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

On the other hand, the crew that was eliminated in this episode was Prime Kingz. Prime Kingz’s leader Trix expressed his disappointment, saying, “I don’t think I have the qualifications to be a leader.

He left the show after saying thank you, adding that he was happy while preparing for “Street Man Fighter.” With Prime Kingz being the first crew to be eliminated, many fans are deeply saddened.

Source: insight

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