“GD had Park Tae Hwan and Sandara Park greet each other”, what happened at YG’s concert?

Park Tae Hwan repays Sandara Park's kindness 13 years ago.

Episode 61 of Channel A’s “Men’s Life These Days: Groom’s Class” (hereinafter referred to as “Groom’s Class”), which is scheduled to air on April 26th, will depict a day of Park Tae Hwan, who meets his ideal type Sandara Park after 13 years.


Park Tae Hwan, who dresses up to the fullest, heads to the select shop where he is supposed to meet Sandara Park with a flowerpot. Soon after, he finds Sandara Park and smiles broadly, before handing over the flowerpot and carefully greeting, “Have you been doing well?” Regarding the meeting, he makes everyone’s heart rate soar to the sky by saying, “You appeared as a special guest on the show I was on in the past. It’d be great if you do what you want to do today.”

After a while, the two pick clothes for each other and go on a full-fledged shopping date. At this time, Park Tae Hwan knocks on Sandara Park’s heart by saying words that raise her self-esteem, such as “I like everything you pick for me”. When Sandara Park goes to change into the skirt he chooses, Park Tae Hwan shyly repeats, “Skirt… skirt… skirt…” After seeing Sandara Park’s look, he compliments, “It feels more lovely.” Sandara Park smilingly responds, “If you do this, you’ll get a lot of points from women.”

After enjoying shopping, the two move to the next place. In the car, Park Tae Hwan recalls his first meeting with Sandara Park. He mentions G-Dragon, “At YG’s concert, Ji Yong (G-Dragon) had us say hello to each other, then…”

Besides, while talking about dating, Park Tae Hwan directly asks, “Who is the best person among ‘Groom’s Class’ members, Park Tae Hwan, Kim Jae Joong, Lee Kyu Han or Kim Yong Jun?” Sandara Park raises curiosity as she replies, “First of all, OO is out. I can’t imagine it.”

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