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Jeon Somi “Being a trainee again after survival shows was an ambiguous feeling, I became self conscious”

Jeon Somi recalled her eventful trainee days.

Idols Kwon Eunbi, Jeon Somi and STAYC appeared on JTBC’s entertainment show “Knowing Bros”, which aired on August 19th. They engaged in a fierce confrontation to secure the new song stage screen time with overflowing energy through “Knowing Bros Girls Battle”.

A debate contest was held for “Knowing Bros Girls Battle”. The first discussion was held under the theme of “How long of trainee life is appropriate?”. First, Jeon Somi said, “After two and a half years of being a trainee, I participated in a survival program. I joined twice (2 programs) then came back to the company. I was a trainee for 3 years.”

Kwon Eunbi recalled her trainee life, “I practiced for a year and a half before debuting, then practiced for another four years. I participated in a survival program, practiced again and debuted as a soloist.

jeon somi

Above all, Jeon Somi drew attention by confessing that she became self conscious when she returned to being a trainee after experiencing survival programs. She confessed, “When I was a trainee, I was desperate to debut. Participating in a survival program could bring me closer to my debut, so people around me were envious. I felt a little uncomfortable since I became a trainee again after survival shows. An ambiguous feeling. Hearing this, Shindong sympathized, “It’s like a celebrity among trainees and a trainee among celebrities.

On the other hand, Sieun, who became a trainee while working as a child actress, shared, “I started my trainee life at the age of 13 and debuted at the age of 20. I prepared while moving several companies.” She explained, “Being a singer was my long-cherished dream. People around me said, ‘You’re going on the path to become an actress. Why don’t you keep going?’ But I was so desperate to stand on stage. I couldn’t give up on my dream of becoming a singer.”

Source: Daum

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