Jennie’s Office Style: A Blend of Luxury and Affordability

Is the $2,000 handbag the most expensive item in CEO Jennie's office wardrobe?

Since declaring the establishment of her own company, Jennie has attracted even more attention from fans. As a fashion icon, and a trendsetter, will Jennie’s office wardrobe be any different from her usual style? Does she opt for budget-friendly items or only favor expensive high-end pieces? This has been partially revealed in the vlog she just uploaded on February 29.

jennie blackpink outfit

Among the outfits featured in Jennie’s new vlog, the warm yet stylish set is currently the most expensive, with a total value of over $4,000. The most valuable piece is a LEMAIRE bag with a price tag of around $2,000, while the cheapest are polka dot sandals priced at over $60 from the brand SUBU.

jennie blackpink outfit

The pastel pink WOOLONG cardigan is priced at nearly $80. For mix-and-match convenience, Jennie tried pairing it with two pairs of glasses priced at over $300 USD and $220 USD from Gentle Monster.

jennie blackpink outfit

In the scene where the whole team watches the latest show, Jennie continues to wear LEMAIRE, but she chooses a vest cardigan, paired with Gentle Monster glasses, forming an intellectual combo priced at around $750.

jennie blackpink outfit

Anyone looking for a cheap moment with Jennie can also consider the MONBIRDGE GOLF woolen vest priced at nearly $80. The 1996-born female CEO cleverly mixes it with a white shirt and black tie to add a touch of sophistication, making the entire outfit look more elegant.

Source: k14

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