“I like it”… Even Cardi B fell in love with LOONA’s performance in “Queendom 2”

The performance video of LOONA’s recent stage in “Queendom 2” is receiving enthusiastic responses from global fans, including world-class rapper Cardi B.

LOONA (Hee-jin, Hyun-jin, Ha-seul, Yeo-jin, Vivi, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, Go Won, Olivia Hye) performed a new version of the song “SHAKE IT” by girl group SISTAR in the second round of Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, which aired on April 14th. 

LOONA girls presented a bright and cheerful performance with unexpected charms, proving their name as “concept masters” who can pull off any style perfectly. From their fresh visuals to diverse facial expressions, LOONA brought about an amazing stage, which is like a musical performance on Broadway in New York, and has gained favorable reviews from music fans in Korea and aboard right after the broadcast. 

In particular, world-class rapper Cardi B is drawing attention by leaving a reply, saying, “I like it” directly to LOONA’s performance shared by a fan. Cardi B‘s tweet has garnered over 15,000 retweets, gaining explosive responses from fans. 


In addition, the video of LOONA’s stage surpassed 2.44 million views on YouTube within a day of release, proving the group’s global popularity. Moreover, LOONA is constantly receiving compliments through social media platforms and online communities for their performance. 

Since they debuted, LOONA has stood out for their outstanding performance skills and unique concept. Through “Queendom 2,” the group’s colorful charm is presented even more clearly. Expectations for LOONA’s future performances are increasing as they have shown a steady and impressive rise from the first to the second stage with unrivaled sharp choreography and exceptional presence. 

Meanwhile, Mnet’s competition reality show “Queendom 2,” featuring K-pop’s leading girl groups, airs every Thursday at 9:20 p.m KST.

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