Is Shin Se Kyung responsible for the “worst K-drama ending” in “High Kick Through The Roof”?

“High Kick Through The Roof” was supposed to have a happy ending, but the influence of this person made the sitcom take a tragic turn.

High Kick Through The Roof”, which revolves around the various shenanigans in the Lee family, is among the most legendary sitcoms on the Korean small screen. The K-drama is hilarious and heart-warming, and yet it has a fatal issue – its tragic and extremely out-of-no-where finale. 

High Kick 2

In particular, the final episode of “High Kick Through The Roof” started with Se Kyung and Shin Ae leaving the Lee Family, and Ji Hoon deciding to drive Se Kyung to the airport himself. Unfortunately, a tragic car accident happened, killing both characters and shocking the entire audience at the time. It was so shocking that media outlets like Hankook Ilbo and Now News had to interview director Kim Byeong Wook and several production team members regarding this decision. 

High Kick 2
The tragic ending of “High Kick Through The Roof”

According to Kim Byeong Wook, “High Kick Through The Roof” was supposed to have a completely different ending. However, just 2 days before the finale aired, the director decided to change it completely, and “introduced a tragic atmosphere to the normally fun series”, said the production crew. 

high kick 2

In addition, it was revealed that while discussing the ending, the crew, including screenwriters, directors, and other members, was engaged in extremely heated arguments. Everyone was dead-set on changing the opinion of director Kim, but in the end was unable to.

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director kim high kick

Meanwhile, Hankok Ilbo did mention that actress Shin Se Kyung, one of the cast members, wanted a sad ending for “High Kick Through The Roof”. However, she said this months before the series’ conclusion, and without any actual intention. It was director Kim Byeong Wook that considered her idea, and decided to add the death of Daniel Choi and Shin Se Kyung’s characters at the very end. 

Therefore, Shin Se Kyung was not the one responsible for the finale of “High Kick Through The Roof”, which is considered one of the worst K-drama endings of all time. 

high kick 2
Shin Se Kyung expressed her opinion, but it was the director that made the deciding move.

Even now, “High Kick Through The Roof” is well-loved by audiences from various generations. However, most people like to pretend the ending never existed, stating that it felt abrupt and super out-of-place compared to the rest of this legendary sitcom. 

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