“Queen of Tears” New Competitor Praised For Good Storyline And Lee Je Hoon’s Acting

After only 2 episodes aired, this drama has been highly appreciated by the audience.

“Chief Detective 1958” is MBC’s new weekend drama and has aired its second episode. The drama’s opening rating exceeded 10%, making it the highest opening rating in MBC history. Although episode 2’s rating dropped due to encountering too many strong opponents, especially MBC’s “Queen of Tears,” “Chief Detective 1958” is still receiving countless compliments from the audience for its excellent quality.

lee je hoon Chief Detective 1958

“Chief Detective 1958” had received high expectations from many audiences because it was introduced as a prequel to the classic drama “Chief Detective.” The appearance of two male leads of two generations in the same frame made viewers, especially older audiences who were familiar with veteran actor Choi Bul Am, even more excited.

Chief Detective 1958

After the first 2 episodes, viewers are giving countless compliments to this drama. The humorous atmosphere mixed with the case solving, the quick developments and the context that fully and authentically recreates Korean society in the late 50s create a relatively perfect whole. Taking after “Wonderful World,” which was not too successful in terms of reputation, “Chief Detective 1958” with new humorous material is expected to be MBC’s next blockbuster this year.

In particular, the audience is currently giving countless compliments to the male lead Lee Je Hoon. From styling to visual, his acting as Park Young Han creates a very pleasant feeling. Viewers also commented that he has absolute synchronicity with his senior Choi Bul Am. Especially in episode 2, the audience also saw another side of Young Han when he began to develop strange, pure romantic feelings for female lead Lee Hye Joo (Seo Eun Soo). The audience continuously gets to see three different sides of the character in just 2 short episodes through Lee Je Hoon’s talented acting.

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