HYBE and SM unite: long-running feuds between groups turn into sibling’s love? 

Fans could not stop buzzing about the potential union of big groups in the industry. 

On February 10th, the entertainment industry was shocked at the news HYBE bought 14.8% of SM shares from Lee Soo Man and became the biggest shareholder of the company. Fans were taken aback now that rivals could potentially turn into allies, and that SM will be under HYBE. It was said that Lee Soo Man’s decision was to stop the team of CEOs, Lee Sung Soo and Tak Young Joon, along with the management board to sell their shares and elevate the level of collaboration with Kakao. 

Almost immediately after, SM announced ending their contract with Lee Soo Man and deemed the share purchase between HYBE and Lee Soo Man was a “hostile” trading as it decreased the value of a company built from many struggles. Nonetheless, netizens are taking strong interest in the scenarios where EXO and BTS as well as BLACKPINK and Red Velvet will become groups under the same roof. 

BTS and EXO 

Debuting only 1 year apart, BTS and EXO has had an uneasy relationship. While EXO was considered to be a central project backed by a big company and formed from well-rounded members, BTS came from a small company and carried a debt of billions of won. 

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Nonetheless, constant efforts brought them on the same level. Despite the competitions in various aspects in the industry, members of the two groups are actually respectful towards each other. The pair of friends V – Baekhyun, Kai – Jimin might even have the chance to appear together. 

baekhyun bts v
V and Baekhyun are close to each other 
Kai Jimin
Kai and Jimin are members of the Parka fraternity 

BLACKPINK and Red Velvet

The relationship between BLACKPINK and Red Velvet becomes more relevant throug the merger dealing of HYBE Labels. In 2021, HYBE “shook hands” with YG Entertainment where the CEO-and-brothers Yang Hyun Suk and Yang Min Suk sold their shares in exchange for 15 billion won in cash. 

Afterwards HYBE invested a total of 70 billion won into YG’s pubic traded company YG Plus from which Big Hit bought 484,565 shares. As a result, Big Hit’s share in YG Plus is at 7.7%. 

BLACKPINK thumbnail
red velvet thumbnail
Red Velvet and BLACKPINK turn into “distant relatives” 

Source: Naver

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