Lovely athlete-idol couples: T-ara Jiyeon – Hwang Jae Kyun, After School Jung Ah – Jung Chang Young, and more

There are many female idol members who are married to athletes, such as T-ara Jiyeon, Soyeon, After School Jung Ah, S.E.S. Shoo…

In February last year, T-ara Jiyeon and KT Wiz’s Hwang Jae Kyun surprised the fandoms of both sides by announcing their marriage along with a handwritten letter on Instagram. At the time of the announcement of their marriage, SNS was abuzz with the combination of an idol and an athlete who do not match at all.


The two seemed to have been in a quiet relationship without dating rumors, let alone marriage rumors, but Hwang Jae Kyun’s “traces” were re-examined by online detectives. When appearing on MBC’s “I Live Alone” in 2021, Hwang Jae Kyun revealed his affection for Jiyeon by singing T-ara’s songs passionately.

Soyeon, who was in T-ara like Jiyeon, also tied the knot with an athlete. Soyeon announced her marriage with soccer player Cho Yu Min last year. Soyeon (born in 1987) and Cho Yu Min (born in 1996) drew attention by overcoming the 9-year age gap. The two got married after dating for 3 years.

so yeon

The two were scheduled to get married in November last year, but the wedding was postponed once as Cho Yu Min was named on the 2022 Qatar World Cup national team list. There is no news of their wedding yet, but it is reported that they are living together with the marriage registration already completed.

Unlike Jiyeon and Soyeon, who suddenly announced their marriage, After School Jung Ah decided to get married to basketball player Jung Chang Young after ending their public relationship. In 2013, Jung Ah and Jung Chang Young denied their romantic relationship, saying they were only close friends, although their affectionate appearance was captured on camera. In 2015, their Lovestagram was detected and they began dating publicly. The two, who got married in 2018, welcomed a son in October 2019 and a daughter in 2021.

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S.E.S. Shoo married a basketball player. Shoo and Im Hyo Sung, who belonged to INCHEON ELECTROLAND ELEPHANTS Pro Basketball Club, became husband and wife in 2010. At that time, Shoo shyly confessed on a radio program, “We had been dating for a long time. We got along so well that we never fought while we were dating.”

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However, Shoo and Im Hyo Sung were embroiled in divorce rumors twice. In particular, divorce rumors became a fait accompli after Shoo was sentenced to 6 months in prison, 2 years of probation and 80 hours of community service for gambling hundreds of millions of won in Macau in 2018. However, a person close to Shoo said, “The rumors of separation and divorce aren’t true. Shoo just doesn’t want her husband and children to be mentioned on TV or in front of the media, so she doesn’t talk about them in detail.”

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