Girl’s Day Yura’s recent look reveals a drastically changed atmosphere

The recent status of Girl’s Day Yura, who is active as a singer, painter, and actress, has been shared, much to the delight of fans.

On May 12th, Yura posted behind-the-scenes photos from a photoshoot on her Instagram, showing a quite different image from what she has shown on stage and in past variety shows.

In particular, Yura normally receives love from fans for her sexy image, but her latest pictorial has the idol-actress exuding a pure yet sophisticated atmosphere.


The released photo seems to have been taken during a photo shoot with the magazine MEN Noblesse.

In the photos, Yura has let her natural hair fall long and added a point with blush on her cheeks. Her red lips are also enchanting.

Wearing a dress that exposes her shoulder line and making various attractive poses, Yura captivated viewers with her visuals, which is more stunning than ever. 


Meanwhile, fans expressed admiration for Yura’s completely different atmosphere, and left comments such as, “I can’t recognize you, sis”, “Yura becomes more and more beautiful as time goes by”, “Go Yura”, “Her beauty shines so much”, etc. 

Meanwhile, Yura debuted as a member of Girl’s Day in 2010 and received a love of love through hit songs such as “Darling” and “Something”. She also showed off her multi-faceted charm through entertainment programs like MBC’s “We Got Married”.

Since 2014, Yura has been active as a painter, showing off her outstanding drawing skills. She has also been building her own filmography as an actress since early in her career. 

In particular, Yura has appeared in dramas such as “Forecasting: Love and Weather” and “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, and is currently known to be considering her next work.

Source: Insight

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