Controversy Surrounds Kim Hieora and Lee Ah Jin Over Past Comments

Actress Kim Hieora and musical actress Lee Ah Jin have become embroiled in controversy due to their past comments.

Recently, allegations of past harassment have surfaced online in light of allegations of Kim Hieora’s middle school violence and school gang involvement during her junior high school years. This time, it also involves musical actress Lee Ah Jin. 

According to the content, in 2021, during a live broadcast comment section for unmarried musical actress A, questions such as ‘When are you going to get pregnant?’, ‘Are you planning to get pregnant next year?’, and ‘Is pregnancy scheduled for 2024?’ continued to appear.

Lee Ah Jin

Fans, taken aback by these impolite questions, reported the comments, and it was later revealed that the individuals who wrote these comments were Lee Ah Jin and Kim Hieora.

Following the criticism of their actions, Lee Ah Jin posted an explanatory message on her Instagram on September 7th, “I am writing this post to explain the controversy surrounding me.”

Lee Ah Jin said, “I once had a conversation with acquaintances at a gathering to congratulate my colleague B, who was about to get married in 2021, about my colleague’s plans for having children.” 

She continued, “My colleague A also expressed a desire to have a happy family like B and said it would be nice to have a child around 2024, three years later.”

Lee Ah Jin

She added, “A few days after that conversation, A posted used the ‘Ask Me Anything’ function on Instagram to receive questions. I left a single question asking if she was planning to get pregnant in 2024, and I received A’s response through a private message.” 

Lee Ah Jin concluded by saying, “If you only look at the wording of my question without understanding the context, there is ample room for misunderstanding. It was my mistake to leave a private conversation in a space that could be made public.” 

She also emphasized, “However, I had no intention of hurting A at all, and I had no intention of discussing it publicly.”

On the other hand, Lee Ah Jin debuted as a musical actor and has been starring in various dramas.  

Source: Insight. 

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