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Kara Han Seung Yeon on “Knowing Bros”, “The choreography this time was really hard. I spent a few hours at the hospital”

Han Seung Yeon told a behind-the-scenes story about Kara’s comeback on “Knowing Bros”.

KARA Knowing Bros

On JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros”, which aired on December 3rd, Kara appeared as a whole group after making their first comeback in 7 years and 6 months with a special album.

KARA Knowing Bros

Nicole revealed that she was really surprised to see the members’ skills on the first day of their dance practice. Heo Young Ji said, “We worked extremely hard on the first day. After practicing for 6 hours, our knees hurt and were inflamed”. Han Seung Yeon also shared, “Unlike the choreographies of first- and second-generation groups, the choreography requires us to bend our joints, sit down and stand up continuously.”

KARA Knowing Bros

Han Seung Yeon continued, “After dancing like that for 3 days, I really spent a few hours in the hospital. Gyuri screamed because she couldn’t go down the stairs. We still have to live our lives after this promotion. So we seriously discussed what we should do to continue living with these knees”, drawing laughter.

Nicole added that they eventually had to change the choreography.

Source: Daum

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