EXID’s Solji Recalled Using Private Jet To Go To A Show, “Turned Out We Had To Pay With Our Money”

EXID’s Solji recalled paying for a private jet

Solji appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Importal Songs: Sing the Legend” on December 2nd for a legendary remake special.

In the program, Solji surprised everyone by saying, “We took a private jet to do a schedule in China, but it turned out that we went with our own money.”


The singer recalled, “I thought, ‘So amazing, we must have really succeeded’ when we got to ride a private jet, but later when I looked at our paying report, there was a record of ‘rental private jet’. Anyway, I’ve ridden it.”


Solji became the oldest singer to participate in “Importal Songs: Sing the Legend” even though she was born in 1989. Regarding this, she said, “If I knew I would become a senior like this, I would have carefully considered if I should be on the next episode. I was surprised to see today’s cast,” she said with a smile.


As a full-time professor of practical music vocal at Yong-In Arts & Science University, the singer said, “It is very burdensome. I didn’t inform the students of my appearance in “Importal Songs: Sing the Legend. I have a class today, but I took a break from school. I’m going to tell them if the results are good.”

Source: nate

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