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Haha once again criticized for using abusive language on “Running Man” 

“Running Man” Haha, who once caused controversy over his reenaction of a 19+ meme, continued to show inappropriate behavior.

SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man” continued to air the summer vacation special episode on August 13th.

That day, the members gathered at the accommodation and prepared dinner together. Before the production staff decided on the winner of 3 million won, each member introduced their own picture diary, what they did well, and the member who needs to improve in their opinion.

running man

When it came to Yang Se Chan’s turn, he introduced his picture diary in the form of a malicious comment, saying “It’s my first time seeing such a rascal. I feel disgusted, you dirty bearded brat”.

Haha then started a verbal fight with abusive language, saying “We are certainly not perfect people but we improved ourselves, but Yang Se Chan, you disgusting brat, ugly loser, etc.”

At that time, Jeon So Min tried to stop the two by saying, “The production team is so bad. They’re trying to divide us and our teamwork. It’s too bad seeing the members talking like that to each other”. All the members agreed.

Earlier in the August 6th broadcast, viewers also expressed discomfort with Haha’s actions. Haha mimicked a viral “Lee Kyung Young” meme on SNS and Youtube. He imitated exactly the 19+ action in the meme and kept using abusive language to the point that the staff had to add the “beep” sound.

running man

Pointing out that “Running Man” is a popular 15+ variety show that is also watched by many young viewers, Haha’s behaviors and words that lack consideration of viewers caused concerns. Many people expressed disappointment as the members also acted as if they were fighting and used abusive language among themselves for fun even in the recent episode.

Meanwhile, the final winner of the 3 million won was revealed to be Song Ji Hyo.

Source: Nate

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