Gummy “My daughter cries when my husband Jo Jung-suk sings”

Singer Gummy revealed her current focus on parenting and shared glimpses of her daily life with her daughter

“OST queen” Gummy appeared as a guest on the Nov 17th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “The Seasons: Long Day, Long Night with AKMU“.

Gummy sang the OST “You are my everything” from the drama “Descendants of the Sun”. AKMU’s Lee Suhyun asked, “I remember greeting you awkwardly back then. What kind of kids were we at that time?” Gummy praised, “You looked pure and had unique personalities. Even now, those aspects haven’t changed. However, you’ve become more refined.”

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AKMU’s Lee Chanhyuk was curious about the specifics of what became more refined. Gummy replied, “The overall feeling has become more sophisticated, and Chanhyuk, you’ve become more handsome.” Lee Chanhyuk caused laughter as he persisted, “Which specific part has become more handsome?” Gummy answered, “The harmony is good.” Lee Suhyun pointed out, “It’s good overall. Such comments are usually made when there’s nothing else to say.

Lee Chanhyuk complimented Gummy on becoming more elegant since her marriage, and Lee Suhyun asked about her current parenting situation.

Gummy shared, “These days, I’m dedicated to parenting, so it’s been a while since I appeared on a broadcast. I’m always comforting my child with lullabies. People say that if I sing lullabies, it might be sad, but that’s not the case. Lullabies should be sung like lullabies. If I add vibrations to the song, my child will cry. So, I have to sing without vibrations.”


Lee Suhyun asked about Gummy’s husband, actor Jo Jung-suk, and whether their daughter cries when he sings. Gummy made everyone laugh as she revealed, “She cries when her dad sings. My husband adds vibrations to every song.

Gummy, who held her 20th-debut-anniversary concert earlier this year, prepared a special stage with her husband for the audience who wished to see the couple’s two-shot. Not only did they perform a passionate duet song, but Jo Jung-suk also had a solo performance.

Regarding this, Gummy smilingly said, “Fans were eagerly waiting, and my husband also waited to join my concert. Fans took videos, and the titles were all like ‘Jo Jung-suk enjoying himself at his wife’s concert’ or ‘Jo Jung-suk like a fish in water’.

Meanwhile, Gummy married Jo Jung-suk in October 2018, and they welcomed their daughter in August 2020.

Source: Daum

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