Female Idol Amazes Netizens With Her Powerful Vocal Despite Having A Princess-like Visual

NMIXX member Sullyoon has proved that her potential and talents can even overshadow her outstanding beauty

Idols’ poor live singing skill controversy has been a hot topic in the K-pop scene recently. In particular, netizens have pointed out many idols who have pretty faces but cannot sing properly, such as ILLIT’s Moka, LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura, (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua, etc.

Amid criticism over unskilled idols, those with beautiful voices and excellent live singing abilities are naturally gaining compliments. Among them, NMIXX’s Sullyoon is arousing keen interest. 

NMIXX Sullyoon

Sullyoon has been famous ever since before her debut as she owns a doll-like face and was named one of the top visuals of K-pop’s fourth generation. Due to her outstanding beauty, many people did not have expectations for her singing skills. 

However, after making her debut with NMIXX and doing various promotional activities, Sullyoon gradually showcased both her visual and singing talents. She always completes her parts well and reaches high notes easily. Along with other NMIXX members, Sullyoon can be considered one of the best vocalists of JYP.


In response to the posts praising Sullyoon, netizens commented, “It would be better if she learns how to control her facial expressions while performing”, “She looks like a princess but has such a unique voice”, “I thought she only has a beautiful face”, “Sullyoon is among the top visuals and also the top vocalists. She can even dance very well”, “She has a princess-like visual but a powerful voice. I was very impressed by her singing performances”, “How can Sullyoon have both a nice face and good skills? I can’t believe it”, “She got cast for her visual but ended up singing so well. Everything is perfect and satisfying, from her voice to breathing control and pronunciation”, “Behind her fairy-like face is a strong vocal”, etc.

Source: k14

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