ITZY explodes in the comeback MV, netizens assert: JYP has not abandoned the group!

Still with ITZY’s unique color, ‘LOCO’ received a positive response after its debut.

At exactly 1pm on September 24, ITZY officially re-exported the Kpop race with the MV ‘LOCO’. This is ITZY’s comeback after nearly 5 months since ‘Mafia In The Morning’. Continuing with the characteristic “high teen” color, the 5 ITZY girls brought the audience an extremely vibrant and attractive MV.

From the music to the visuals of MV ‘LOCO’, there is an impressive investment. The song ‘LOCO’ (meaning “crazy” in Latin) has expressed the voice in the love of the current generation of young people: a little crazy with emotional lines like a roller coaster. The song was produced by Galactika, “guaranteeing” success through ITZY’s previous hit series ‘Dalla Dalla’,’Wannabe’.


The melody of the song is considered by many to be catchy right from the first listen, the special highlight is the extremely tense drop. A big plus for the JYP team this time is that the preparation of the costumes and the MV effects are well-invested. ITZY fully flaunted their impressive visuals through unique and outstanding outfits.


ITZY’s well-known crown choreography has also been improved, reinforcing the message of self-love and being confident in the face of the opponent’s emotions. Furthermore, the dance break was incredibly explosive, propelling the MV to an amazing climax.


Some comments from netizens:

  • This song gives the vibes of an old kpop song but with a touch of gen z style, addictive with pre-chorus and chorus part, ITZY always comes with a new trend
  • I am obsessed with this song. It’s such a bop. Also, definitely deserves millions of views.
  • This time ITZY surpassed themselves, this comeback is so freaking fire, I’m not over it yet. Ryujin’s rap part, Lia’s ‘so dangerous’ got me goosebumps, Yeji’s visuals are unbelievable as well Yuna’s and Chaeryeong’s vocals are finally showing!
  • ITZY songs are getting better and better every comeback, I swear I’m not even kidding, they did so good in this comeback. I love it
  • Bruh, Yeji being a cat is blowing my mind.

Source: K14

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