“My Demon” Unveils Still Cuts Showing Song Kang’s Solid Abs & Heart-fluttering Moment With Kim Yoo-jung

“My Demon” Song Kang begins to have feelings for Kim Yoo-jung

On December 8th, SBS’s Fri-Sat drama “My Demon” unveiled still cuts of Do Do-hee (Kim Yoo-jung) and Goo-won (Song Kang)’s eye contact scene. The expression of Goo Won stimulates fans’ curiosity and hints at a change in the demon who begins to have feelings for Do Do-hee.

my demon

In the latest episode, Do Do-hee declared her fateful cooperation and faced a turning point in her relationship with Goo-won. Do Do-hee ran toward Goo-won just before he got hit. Goo-won grabbed Do Do-hee’s wrist with the cross tattoo and escaped from the crisis. Goo-won’s gaze at Do Do-hee in the romantic tango scene made viewers even more curious about the two’s future love story.

In the meantime, the new still cuts show the strange atmosphere between Do Do-hee and Goo-won that raises their heartbeat. Do Do-hee visits Sunwol Foundation late at night and meets Goo-won in an awkward situation as he seems to have just taken a shower. Do Do-hee’s embarrassed expression when seeing Goo-won’s visual and solid abs also excites fans. The ambiguous tension between the two shakes the hearts of viewers.

my demon

The conflict between Do Do-hee and Goo-won was also captured in images. As they suddenly look at each other with cold eyes, fans also wonder what will happen to them and how their relationship, which goes back and forth between hot and cold, will develop.

In the upcoming episode, Goo-won will be seen not accepting his unfamiliar feelings when standing in front of Do Do-hee. “My Demon” production team stated, “As Do Do-hee and Goo-won begin to enter a subtle relationship, they will begin to experience emotional changes. The appearance of Goo-won when getting confused by unfamiliar emotions will give excitement to viewers’.

Episode 5 of SBS’s Fri-Sat drama “My Demon” will air at 10 p.m. on December 8th.

Source: Daum

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