“Glitch” Jeon Yeo-bin, “I like taking challenges and I’m comfortable with acting in bare face”

Actress Jeon Yeo-bin, who plays Hong Ji-hyo, the person who can see aliens, in Netflix series “Glitch” revealed that she changed her name during high school.

Glitch”, which was released on October 7th, is a four-dimensional drama tells about Ji-hyo (Jeon Yeo-bin), who can see aliens, following the traces left by her boyfriend, who disappeared out of a sudden, and approached the unidentified mystery with the help of her friend Bo-ra (Nana), who tracks aliens. 

Jeon Yeo-bin shared, “Until when I received the script for the 4th episode of the drama, I was still not sure how Jihyo and Bora would proceed or how this story would end up. Nevertheless, I wanted to try this adventure. It seems like the anxiety of running forward without knowing where I’m going was also the driving force for me to act”, revealing the reason why she appeared in “Glitch”.

Jeon Yeo-bin has acted with her bare face in various films, such as “Night in Paradise”, “After My Death” and “Glitch”. In this regard, she said, “The director wanted me to have more freckles on my face so I put on dark tone as the makeup base. My face also got tanned during the filming, but I made it look more damaged”, adding “Ji-hyo looked neat and tidy in the first and second episodes, but as she began to run away with determination, her hair and face condition looked messier and the makeup team also tried to keep maintain that. As far as I know, Nana also acted without makeup”. The actress continued, “I didn’t feel pressured about my bare face as I liked how the raw feeling came out so well. But I think those who were looking forward to an appearance like in Vincenzo must have felt differently (laughs)”.

Regarding the “aliens” to each person, Jeon Yeo-bin said, “I think it would be something that is not easy to be expressed in words. Wouldn’t it be a history or experience that we want to hide? It could be sadness, it could be something weird.”

When asked why Ji-hyo only wears striped T-shirts in the drama, Jeon Yeo-bin smiled and explained, “I think she wants to express her inner glitch. You may feel like she’s wearing one T-shirt, but she actually appears with a different striped T-shirt in every episode. This detail clearly shows her taste”.

Referring to the detail of Jihyo wearing and taking off her glasses many times throughout the drama, the actress said, “The director set Ji-hyo to wear it when she wants to see an incident accurately and take it off when she doesn’t want to. Later, Ji-hyo runs regardless of her glasses knowing that aliens come from her mind and they have nothing to do with physical things.”

Defining the relationship between Bo-ra and Ji-hyo, Jeon Yeo-bin explained, “They’ve been with each other all the time. In this world that is full of fears, they help each other become more confident”. Jeon Yeo-bin reunited with Lee Dong-hwi for the first time in 4 years through “Glitch”. The actress shared, “I met him for a very short time to film a music video. He said he liked the movie ‘After My Death’ I starred in and willingly joined me in this project because he also knows director Roh Deok. It was such a special appearance”. She added, “We joked around and shared many talks. Thanks to Lee Dong-hwi oppa, I made lots of good memories”.

Jeon Yeo-bin was invited to the 27th Busan International Film Festival with “Glitch” for the ‘on screen’ section and also appeared on the red carpet as the host of the opening ceremony. She shared, “I was very nervous before hosting the event, but I took the courage to do well”, adding “I practiced a lot, but still trembled”.

Jeon Yeo-bin, who had a meal with Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Carina Lau for about three hours at the dinner, smiled brightly, and expressed her love for fans, saying, “Since it’s dinner, I knew that I was going to change clothes and came in comfortable clothes, but Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Carina Lau came dressed up together. I remember my first impression very well. It was so good, and there was so much excellence in it, and the smile was endless.”

She then shared that Tony Leung Chiu-wai seemed to enjoy Korean movies and disliked missing his time to enjoy them. According to Yeo-bin, Tony Leung Chiu-wai said, “I was a lucky person. There were always good people around me, I was able to get help, and there were moments when I became a strength to them. I try to follow my heart. They say that the ultimate question is whether they want to participate in this story, not the box office or profit. It was a time to reflect on the courage to fall into the story that I wanted to participate in and the story that I was attracted to instinctively, without over-thinking.” 

Jeon Yeo-bin also took a commemorative photo with Tony Leung Chiu-wai, saying, “I hesitated because I thought that asking for a selfie would make him uncomfortable, but the photographer came and took photos with the actors.” 

She also shared that she saved the photo in her cell phone and shook hands with Tony. 

Finally, Jeon Yeo-bin revealed that she dreamed of acting while preparing for college. According to her, she was a person who wasn’t honest with her feelings and always tried to pretend that she was okay. 

“I watched movies to study essay writing while preparing for college. I saw the classic movie ‘Dead Poet Society’, and it really touched me”, the actress said. It was this event that prompted her to become an actress, and she felt free while acting. 

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