(G)I-DLE made a second comeback this year, recording achievements previously made possible by BIGBANG, TWICE and 2NE1! 

(G)I-DLE’s anticipated comeback harnessed impressive records. 

(G)I-DLE had their latest comeback with “Nxde” on the Kpop race, attracting major attention from fans. The catchy tunes combined with attractive concept left a lasting impression on the viewers. The nostalgic feel helped deliver the message of self-love and broke down stigma. The album “I LOVE” is joined by all members in the composing and writing lyrics. 

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(G)I-DLE returned with a distinguished concept for “Nxde” 

While their comeback was just recent, the track has garnered considerable achievements similar to their previous release, “Tomboy”. “Nxde” officially hit Real-time All Kill by topping digital music charts in Korea two days after the song’s drop. They also made a record of Perfect All-Kill for “Nxde”, making themselves to be one of those rare groups receiving these two major achievements in one year, the others being BIGBANG, TWICE and 2NE1

(G)I-DLE nxde chart
 “Nxde” became the 2nd Perfect All Kill by (G)I-DLE in the same year after “Tomboy”. 

On Youtube, “Nxde” also successfully hit 24.3 million streams and climbed to be the most watched generation 4 girl group in 2022. Their album “I LOVE” also debuted at first place of the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart and ranked first in “Top Album” Chart in across 40 countries. The CUBE girl group also sold more than 314 thousand copies on their first day of release on Hanteo. 

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(G)I-DLE harvested a good digital performance as well as their physical album sales and music streams for this comeback. 

Following “Tomboy”, “(G)I-DLE is establishing themselves in the music race with admirable achievements. Their return with “Nxde” served as a proof of the public support and their status among 4th generation groups. 

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(G)I-DLE affirms their place on the K-pop map

Source: K14

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