Han Seo Hee once again made a controversial statement

Han Seo-hee, a former idol trainee, expressed her thoughts on the news of the arrest of the owner of Womad. 

On August 9th, Han Seo Hee posted a close selfie on her Instagram and wrote, “I am Womad. If you want to take Womad down, take me instead. I would go to jail one more time for the honorable Womad.”

Previously, at the time of the “Womad’s defamation” scandal, Han Seo Hee used to stir controversial debates by saying, “Ilbe should be printed. It’s disillusioned. It’s a long way off for Womad to be able to catch up with Ilbe.”

Meanwhile, the cyber investigation team of the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency said yesterday that it received an arrest warrant for the Womad operator to prevent the spread of obscene materials. Some suspicions of a biased investigation by comparing the online site with other high-level websites such as Ilbe have been raised.

Source: Mydaily

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