From “Joseon Psychiatric Yoo Se-poong” to “Little Women”, the line-up of tvN and OCN for the second half of 2022

A list of dramas with various genres, materials, and stories were presented in the line-up of tvN and OCN for the second half of 2022.

The line-up of tvN and OCN for the second half of 2022 was finally revealed on June 9th.

tvN dramas were also loved in the first half of 2022, staying true to its slogan “NO.1 K content channel, tvN for the fun.” “Twenty-five Twenty-one”, which aroused sympathy with the meaning and story of youth regardless of gender and age, received a worldwide success by ranking in the top 10 in Netflix’s global popularity list. “Bad and Crazy” and “Military Prosecutor Doberman” were also praised for the interesting materials, cheerful actions and stories. “Ghost Doctor,” which is a combination of medical and fantasy, “Kill Hill,” which deals with the endless desires and desperate struggles of three women with home shopping, and “The Murderer’s Shopping List,” which aroused interest with its unique settings of chasing a killer through mart receipts, also provided various fun to the audience.

On top of that, the omnibus drama “Our Blues,” which is set on Jeju Island, has aroused warm comfort and sympathy from viewers around the world, with the 18th episode recording the highest viewer rating of 15.1%, while the romantic comedy drama “Shooting Star” is ranked first on Japan’s U-NEXT and global streaming service VIKI. In June, a woman’s most intense and deadly passionate revenge drama “Eve” and an emotion-sharing fantasy romance “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” also began cruising.

Shin Min Ah Lee Byung Hun

With such a colorful 1st half of 2022, netizens are looking out for the line-up of tvN and OCN in the second half of 2022. First of all, tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Alchemy of Souls” (directed by Park Joon-hwa/scripted by Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran) will air from 9:10 p.m. on June 18th. “Alchemy of Souls” is a fantasy romance drama in which the protagonists, whose fate is twisted due to the soul-changing alchemy, overcome his pain and grow against the background of a fictional country. Lee Jae-wook plays the role of Jang Wook, a noble but delinquent young master, and Jung So-min plays the role of Mudeok.

the line-up of tvN and OCN for the second half of 2022

tvN’s “Joseon Psychiatrist Yoo Se-poong (directed by Park Won-guk, scripted by Park Seul-gi, Choi Min-ho, and Lee Bom) depicts the story of Yoo Se-poong (played by Kim Min-jae) being kicked out of court conspiracy, meeting Gye-han (played by Kim Sang-kyung) and Seo Eun-woo (played by Kim Hyang-gi). The story is based on the novel of the same name, which won the Excellence Award at the 2016 Korea Story Contest.

the line-up of tvN and OCN for the second half of 2022

tvN’s “Adamas” (directed by Park Seung-woo/scripted by Choi Tae-gang) depicts 2 twin brothers seeking the real culprit to clear the false accusation of their father, who is accused of killing their stepfather. Actor Ji Sung will play a double role as both twin brothers. In addition, Seo Ji-hye will play the orphaned, beautiful and venomous Eun-soo, who is Ji-sung’s helper, and Lee Soo-kyung will play the role of Kim Seo-hee, a reporter from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

the line-up of tvN and OCN for the second half of 2022

tvN’s “Little Woman” (directed by Kim Hee-won/scripted by Jung Jeong-kyung) depicts the story of three sisters who are poor but raised in an upright manner confronting the richest and most influential family in Korea in their own way. Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, and Park Ji-hoo will appear as three sisters.

the line-up of tvN and OCN for the second half of 2022

tvN’s “Mental Coach Je Gal-gil” (directed by Son Jung-hyun/scripted by Kim Bandi) is a story about mental care in the sport world in which a former national athlete, who returned as a mental coach, heals the athletes’ minds and fights against injustice. Jungwoo, Lee Yoo-mi, Kwon Yul, and Park Se-young have been confirmed to be part of the cast.

the line-up of tvN and OCN for the second half of 2022

tvN’s “Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday” is a romantic comedy in which Choi Sang-eun, who made marriage her job, is entangled with Jung Ji-ho, who is under a long-term exclusive contract with her, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Kang Hae-jin, who newly signed a contract with her, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Park Min-young will transform into Choi Sang-eun, a single life helper equipped with perfect appearance, ability and charm. Ko Kyung-pyo plays Park Min-young’s mysterious partner Jung Ji-ho, who has been signing a long-term exclusive contract for five years with Choi, while Kim Jae-young plays the youngest son of a chaebol family and Hallyu star Kang Hae-jin.

the line-up of tvN and OCN for the second half of 2022

tvN’s “Shuroop” (directed by Kim Hyung-sik/written by Park Ba-ra) is about the conflict within the palace to make the troublemaker princes, who cause nothing but headaches for the royal family, into proper crown princes. Kim Hye-soo plays the role of Im Hwa-ryeong, the mother of the troublemaker princes. “Shuroop” is helmed by director Kim Hyung-sik of “Secret Door”, “Second 20s” and penned by writer Park Ba-ra.

the line-up of tvN and OCN for the second half of 2022

Starring Lee Seo-jin, Kwak Sun-young, Seo Hyun-woo and Joo Hyun-young, tvN’s “Call My Agent! (directed by Baek Seung-ryong/written by Park So-young, Lee Chan)” is based on the French TV series of the same name. It depicts the lives of celebrity managers of an entertainment management company called Method Enter, whose work is professional and life is amateur. “Call My Agent!” is helmed by director Baek Seung-ryong of “Pegasus Market” and penned by writers Park So-young, Lee Chan.

the line-up of tvN and OCN for the second half of 2022

OCN confirmed TVING’s original series “The King of Pigs” in the lineup for the second half of the year, and it is scheduled to air twice a week starting at 10:30 PM on June 19th. Starring Kim Dong-wook, Kim Sung-kyu, Chae Jung-an, Lee Kyoung-young and Oh Min-suk, “The King of Pigs (directed by Kim Dae-jin, Kim Sang-woo/written by Tak Jae-young)” depicts a thriller drama of those who brought out memories of violence due to a mysterious serial murder that began with a message from a friend 20 years ago. It is a live-action adaptation of the animation of the same name released in 2011 by director Yeon Sang-ho of “Train to Busan”.

“Blind” and “Missing 2” were confirmed to air on tvN. First of all, tvN’s “Blind (directed by Shin Yong-hwi/written by Kwon Ki-kyung)” depicts the story of people who have unfairly become victims and ordinary perpetrators who have closed their eyes to uncomfortable truths. Starring Ok Taec-yeon, Ha Suk-jin and Jung Eun-ji, “Blind” is centered around detectives, judges, law school students and jurors. It is helmed by director Shin Yong-hwi of “Faith”, “Tunnel”, “Voice 4” and penned by writer Kwon Ki-kyung of “Sharp”, “Andante”.

“Missing (directed by Min Yeon-hong/written by Ban Gi-ri, Jeong So-young)” will also present its second season on tvN. “Missing” is a fantasy-thriller based in a mysterious village where spirits live.

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