f(x)’s Krystal May Reunite with NewJeans’ “Mother” Min Heejin for Comeback as a Singer after 9 Years?  

It’s been 9 years since Krystal’s last promotion as a singer with f(x) for “4 Walls,” marking Krystal’s absence from the music scene. Following Sulli’s passing, f(x) continued their activities with 4 members. However, from 2015 to 2019, SM largely neglected the group, eventually leading to the members’ departure.

Krystal is a true epitome of talent and beauty. Debuting at the age of 14, she swiftly rose to become one of the top 2nd gen female idols. Renowned for her graceful allure and an “ice princess” persona akin to her sister Jessica, Krystal is often hailed as the “muse of K-pop.”


Despite her immense potential to become an iconic figure in the idol industry, Krystal took a step back from music after f(x)’s 2015 promotions to focus on acting, leaving fans yearning for her return to the stage. 

Recent updates have sent fans into a frenzy as Krystal hinted at her singing comeback. Signing with the new agency BANA after parting ways with SM, Krystal dropped a cover of “I’m Coming Back” and updated her profile picture across music platforms.

Once again, Krystal’s timeless beauty steals fans’ hearts. At 29, Krystal maintains her enchanting allure, with her refined features, captivating gaze, and ethereal charm continuing to mesmerize fans. Compared to her visuals 9 years ago, Krystal appears even more radiant and captivating.

Notably, there’s speculation that Krystal will embark on a solo career under the guidance of a top-tier team. BANA, her current agency, was founded by Kim Kihyun, formerly of SM’s international artist management division. 

min hee jin

Kim Kihyun shares a close bond with Min Heejin, ADOR’s CEO and the creative mastermind behind NewJeans. Min Heejin often collaborates with Kim Kihyun, drawing inspiration and feedback during the music production process. Notably, two out of three key producers of NewJeans are affiliated with BANA.

Krystal holds a special place as Min Heejin’s “first muse,” flawlessly embodying every concept crafted by Min Heejin during her time as SM’s creative director. 

f(x) stands as one of the greatest achievements in Min Heejin’s career, and despite parting ways with SM, Min Heejin and Krystal have maintained a close relationship. 

With Krystal joining BANA, there’s a strong likelihood of her reunion with Min Heejin. Teamed up with the hit-making music producers behind NewJeans’ global success, Krystal’s return to the music scene holds great promise. Fans eagerly anticipate the realization of their long-held dream – Krystal’s solo debut with a concept crafted by Min Heejin.

Source: K14

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