K-netizens React To Rookie Male Idol Looking Like BTS’s V In Pre-debut Photos

A boy group member is drawing keen attention even before his debut with his visual resembling BTS’s V

A netizen shared various photos of a rookie male idol in theqoo, pointing out that he looks so much like BTS’s V. 

The main character is Kwon Hyeop from WAKER, a boy group that is preparing to make their debut in January 2024. Ahead of their debut, the members have been promoting themselves actively on SNS. 

Original post: theqoo

In response, other netizens commented:

– Wow, I can’t believe it. He really looks like V in the first photos. From the middle, he reminds me of other celebrities

– I can only feel the vibe of V’s face in some photos above

– He doesn’t look like V at all. Why are you guys saying he resembles V?ㅋㅋ I guess it’s because he’s about to debut

– Oh, the guy in Produce 2. I remember his face so well because I found him cool back then. He’s debuting now. I hope he succeeds!!

– I think he looks like actor Sunghoon

– I can’t see any similarities with V’s face. ‘Boys Over Flower’ Kim Joon? I think he looks more like that actor

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