The surprising reason why Big Bang would earn a lot as soon as they begin carrying out music promotions

As the 2nd Gen idol group Big Bang is making a comeback after 4 years, the revenue distribution between YG Ent. and Big Bang members has become a hot topic again.


On February 10th, an article titled, “YG-Big bang Revenue Revenue Share”, was posted on the online community FOMOS.

Citing the report, “5 members of Big Bang own a total of 40 billion won in assets… GD takes approx. 15 billion won”, the post’s author explained that Big Bang occupies an advantageous share of profits in relation to their agency.

Big Bang

According to the article, Big Bang and YG Entertainment are known to share the revenue of digital and physical album sales by 7 to 3.

In particular, it is notable that the members can take nearly 90% of the profits from CF activities and external events, excluding music activities. 

Moreover, it was found that 100% of the profits and copyright fees earned through personal activities are also delivered to the members.

netizen comments

Internet users showed various reactions, such as, “Big Bang now has more power in relation to their agency, so that kind of contract is possible”, “All-round groups like Big Bang can leave and set up their own company, but the members seem to resign with YG because of their loyalty”, “Big Bang made the current YG, so they deserve that amount of distribution”.

On February 7th, YG Entertainment announced that Big Bang is scheduled to make a comeback this spring. Except for Seungri, who was involved in the so-called “Burning Sun Scandal”, Big Bang will return with the four-member formation.

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