Kang Daniel dropped to the floor “Successfully completed ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ without controversy”

Singer Kang Daniel successfully completed the “Street Woman Fighter 2” MC race without major controversy

Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter 2” (hereinafter referred to as “SWF 2”), which concluded with Bebe’s victory on October 31st, garnered significant attention and impressive ratings, as well as giving birth to new star dancers.

Kang Daniel‘s growth as an MC was notable throughout this season. Having been an MC from “SWF 1”, “Street Dance Girls Fighter”, “Street Man Fighter” to “SWF 2”, he concluded this season without significant controversy, validating his growth compared to his previous experiences.

Kang Daniel

In particular, after the final live broadcast, a moment where Kang Daniel dropped to the floor as if his legs had lost strength was captured, creating a significant online buzz. He provided closing remarks during the broadcast, expressing gratitude, announcing the “SWF 2” concert, teasing “Street Dance Girls Fighter 2” and offering constant support for the dancers, thus demonstrating his responsibility as an MC.

This contrasted with his behavior during the final live broadcast of “Street Man Fighter” last year, when he caused controversy due to a slip of the tongue regarding the PPL product name. At that time, he said, “I’ll greet the advertisers. Trevi tastes very nice. I’m just kidding. But I said it half-seriously.” His remark sparked controversy as the official sponsor of “Street Man Fighter” was Coca-Cola’s Seagram, not Trevi.

In response to the controversy, Kang Daniel explained through his agency, admitting his mistake and expressing his apologies, stating that he had a moment of confusion in the intense heat of the final stage and that he was sorry to the viewers and advertisers.

Beyond the PPL-related remark, Kang Daniel was criticized for making careless remarks several times. Consequently, when he returned as the MC for “SWF 2”, there were heightened concerns from the public.

Kang Daniel

At the press conference of “SWF 2”, he faced a precarious situation with multiple questions about past controversies. While initially evading direct answers to the questions, he later confessed, “I had time to look back and reflect on myself. Even when I came back, I had doubts, ‘Do I really deserve it?’ I’m really grateful that the production team saw me as a member and gave me a good opportunity.

He added, “I think the only thing I can do is to show the public a good image again through this program. I did my best since I didn’t want to cause any damage. I’d appreciate it if you could show me your support.

Kang Daniel lived up to his previous determination and promises. Fortunately, “SWF 2” concluded without significant controversy related to Kang Daniel. Netizens acknowledge the burden and responsibility he must have felt and are offering their support with comments such as “Kang Daniel, you worked hard and did great“, “His hosting skills improved compared to previous seasons“, “He became more proficient after ‘Street Man Fighter’“, “It must have been tough for him” and “He’s a perfect fit for the MC position of the ‘Street’ series.

Source: Nate

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