Lee Jung Jae amazes netizens with his wise answer to the question about his MBTI

Actor Lee Jung Jae revealed his thoughts on the MBTI personality test.

On April 22nd, Lee Jung Jae’s agency Artist Company uploaded a new video titled “Lee Jung Jae in Seoul | Ep. 02” on its Youtuber channel.


The video shows Lee Jung Jae carrying out his schedules in Seoul. Wearing a nice suit, Lee Jung Jae smiled brightly and answered an interview in a comfortable atmosphere.

During the talks, Lee Jung Jae suddenly received a question about MBTI. When the staff revealed, “Actor Jung Woo Sung said that you guys have the same MBTI”, Lee Jung Jae replied, “Then we probably do have the same MBTI”.

When asked, “Could you give a shout out to all the ENFJs around the world?”, the actor replied, “Wait… I saw some videos on Youtube saying not to believe in MBTI?”.

“Humans are much more complex, diverse, and have much deeper inner selves. While MBTI tries to categorize people into a few select categories, saying ‘This is how this person is’”, he explained.


Lee Jung Jae then said, “They say we need to eliminate such habits of trying to easily judge and categorize people”, adding “We should only use personality tests and categorizations for fun and never take them too seriously”.

In the meantime, Lee Jung Jae also drew attention by acting “eating noodles” for a CF shoot in a slightly different way from what he did in a past broadcast. 

Appearing on MBC’s program “Omniscient Interfering View” last year, Lee Jung Jae was seen carefully eating bibim noodles without making a noise. In response to the scene, many viewers commented, “So we can really eat noodles silently in that way?”, “Why didn’t I think of that before?”, etc.

Source: Insight

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