IU, “I was exhausted in my 20s. After reaching my 30s, I spent a year full of interesting events”

Singer-actress IU talked about the changes after she turned 30.

In an interview with a magazine released on Feb 16th, IU talked about returning with a drama after 4 years and being in her 30s.


First of all, IU talked about why she chose “You Have Done Well” as her first drama in 4 years, “I enjoyed watching writer Im Sang Choon’s previous works so much. This work has a new and unique story. The theme is good, but I especially liked the fact that it conveys a heavy story without being heavy. Ae Soon seems like someone you can easily see around you, but if you look closely, she’s a person whose individuality as a human being stands out. I think I’m attracted to people with that characteristic.”


About being in her 30s, IU confessed, “It’s no exaggeration to say that I lived in my 20s with concerns about ‘direction’. After reaching my 30s, I don’t have any particular direction in mind. Throughout last year, I thought, ‘I want to maintain this mindset. I enjoy living like this.’ On the other hand, it was a year full of interesting events.”

Meanwhile, “You Have Done Well”, which is set in the 1950s, will follow the adventure-filled life of rebellious female lead Ae Soon. In the drama, IU will play the role of Ae Soon, who cannot go to school because of her family circumstances, yet still dreams of becoming a poet. Park Bo Gum will play Gwan Sik, who loves and respects only Ae Soon.

Source: daum

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