Jo Byung Gu Looks Unrecognizable with New Hairstyle in “The Uncanny Counter 2”

Jo Byung Gu’s character has an unflattering and somewhat comical hair transformation in “The Uncanny Counter 2”.

In “The Uncanny Counter,” curly hair has become synonymous with the main characters, particularly those who are demon hunters. Regardless of gender, when a character agrees to become a demon hunter, their straight hair magically transforms into curls. This unique element has become a recognizable trait of the drama, adding to its quirky charm.

Jo Byung Gyu

However, in the latest episode of “The Uncanny Counter 2,” Jo Byung Gu’s character, So Moon, experiences a twist that leads to a drastic change in his appearance. Due to the influence of a demon, So Moon loses all his memories and returns to being an ordinary human, falling into a deep coma. Consequently, his signature curly hair turns straight.

This is not the first time Jo Byung Gu has sported straight hair in the series. In season 1, So Moon was portrayed as an ordinary person with straight hair. However, the latest incarnation of straight hair, covering one eye and devoid of its usual bounciness, has viewers laughing at the unique and somewhat silly appearance it gave to So Moon.

Jo Byung Gyu

Fortunately, this straight hairstyle is short-lived. As the storyline progresses, So Moon’s memories have been restored, and he once again embraces his role as a demon hunter. His hair promptly curls back to its signature style.

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