Girl group VIVIZ, formed by former members of G-Friend, to debut in February

VIVIZ, composed of Eun-ha, SinB, and Um-ji, former members of G-Friend, will announce its full-fledged new start in February. 

According to some media reports, VIVIZ is currently under preparations with the aim of releasing its first album next month. VIVIZ is a trio group formed by Eunha, SinB, and Umji, under their new agency, BPM Entertainment, after G-Friend disbanded due to the end of their exclusive contract with Source Music in May last year.

VIVIZ debut in February

Their team name, VIVIZ, is a combination of “VIVID,” which means “clear, intense” and “days(z)” and is also an abbreviation from the members Eunbi, SinB, Umji’s names. The three members announced a bold new start with the meaning of “I will always be an artist who proudly expresses my colors to the world.” The trio will debut about nine months after G-Friend’s disbandment.

VIVIZ debut in February

Expectations are high for VIVIZ as it is the re-debut of members who were loved by fans not only in Korea but also in the global music market at the time of their activities with their former group. Attention is focusing on what the three people, who previously announced their image transformation by releasing visual film teasers along with the news of the formation of their team, will look like through their re-debut of VIVIZ.

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