Rolling Stone Korea apologized to BLACKPINK via Instagram story after racist controversy

After publishing an article with disrespectful words directed at Lisa and Jisoo, Rolling Stone finally issued an apology. 

Previously, Rolling Stone Korea was drowned in criticisms by BLINK (fandom of BLACKPINK), for being disrespectful towards BLACKPINK members Lisa and Jisoo. In particular, the news site described Jisoo as not having outstanding talents, while using the words “exotic” and “kinks” to describe Lisa. 

blackpink rollingstone

Finding these disrespectful, xenophobic, and even racist, fans quickly took the mantle, demanding Rolling Stone to apologize and trending “Apologize to Jisoo” and “Respect Lisa” on Twitter World Wide. 

rollingstone blackpink

While Rolling Stone deleted the problematic word quickly after fans pointed them out, the news site only recently published an apology on their Instagram story, saying:

“Hello, this is Rolling Stone Korea,

We have listened, have read, and have taken in all the considerations and remarks regarding the recent BLACKPINK column. We admittedly noted that we used inappropriate choice of words and context that led to this misunderstanding. 

A revised and modified column will be published in the second edition of the print next week. The revised column will be on our official website. We apologize to the artists for causing concerns. We ask for patience with us. Thank you.”

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