Solving math problems before CSAT… Male idol who made math instructor lament “It’s a pity that he didn’t attend college”

The 2023 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) is just one day away.

Many test takers, including high school seniors, will be doing their best to control their condition ahead of the CSAT.

An idol gave a special gift to test takers who are working hard on their mental management and finishing studies.

cix yonghee csat

On Nov 14th, a video titled “Yonghee’s CSAT Math Vlog” was posted on the official YouTube channel of idol group CIX.

In the video, Yonghee visited the math instructor Chung Seung Je to ask for advice and tips for fans who will take the exam.

cix yonghee

Chung Seung Je gave practical advice, “For those who have reached satisfying scores, when you study for math, solve unfamiliar and challenging problems for the half of your study time. For the other half, more importantly, solve problems from the previous exams or advanced level problems that you practiced. Review for the other half. And new types of problems for additional time.

cix yonghee

He continued, “For those who haven’t reached the score you expect, please, do not give up. You have to study until the last day.

Chung Seung Je added, “The exam this year won’t be easy, I expect. Everyone’s anxious. So, if you overcome anxiety, you will succeed. This is what I want to tell you. Hope every examinee do their best.

cix yonghee

This was not the end of Yonghee’s gift. After meeting Chung Seung Je, he headed to a bookstore and bought a Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation (KICE) mock exam workbook.

After directly solving probability and statistics questions, Yonghee perfectly taught “killer” questions No.28~30.

This is not the first time he has solved math questions for fans.

cix yonghee

Previously, Yonghee provided a unique fan service by solving math problems for fans through the paid communication application Universe.

In addition, when appearing on U+Idol Live’s “IDOL LIVE School” last year, Yonghee personally solved and explained the question No.30, which recorded a wrong answer rate of 95% in the 2021 CSAT math B type.

cix yonghee

Chung Seung Je, who appeared on the show with him on the same day, praised, “I was very surprised to see him teaching perfectly without any mathematical errors.

Chung Seung Je was impressed with Yonghee’s math problem-solving, so he mentioned Yonghee in his lecture.

cix yonghee

He lamented, “I want to introduce this problem that CIX Yonghee solved in a cool way. Wow. (Yonghee) perfectly explained this problem mathematically. It was such a waste.

Chung Seung Je said this because Yonghee did not attend college to focus on his entertainment activities.

Chung Seung Je repeatedly expressed regret, “He can explain this killer problem perfectly. Why didn’t he attend college?

Meanwhile, Yonghee (23 years old) graduated from Choongang High School, an autonomous private high school in Seoul.

Everyone praised him for perfectly solving math problems even though it has been 3 years since he graduated from high school.

cix yonghee

Fans who saw Yonghee’s extraordinary love for mathematics showed reactions such as “If I had a teacher like this, I’d have been the No.1 student in the entire school” and “Thanks to Yonghee, I studied hard.

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