6-member boy group BLACK LEVEL will debut today (Feb 26th) with their first mini-album “New-Start”

Boy group BLACK LEVEL is finally making a debut in the music industry.

BLACK LEVEL will make their debut today (February 26th) by releasing the first mini-album “New-Start” through various music sites at 6 P.M. After 4 years of training, 6 members of BLACK LEVEL will officially debut. The group was named “BLACK LEVEL”, which means the darkest color among black signals, to deliver the message, “They will cover anything with BLACK LEVEL’s own color”.


BLACK LEVEL’s first album “New-Start” is an album that shows the excitement and coolness of their dreams, unravels the current chaotic situation as well as hopes for good stories to be used as a new beginning for everyone in this difficult time.

The title song “Infection” is a song combined with unique vocals and intense beats. It expresses the confusion behind being infected with their own darkness to protect themselves from the dangers of the outside world.


In addition, this mini-album will include 4 songs. Other b-side tracks are “In my heart”, which features sentimental guitar sounds and magnificent bass sound, “Drive”, which is suitable to hear when driving, and “I’ll be waiting”, which contains the hope that we can be together at the end of a happy meeting.

Especially, member Tae-young participated in the entire production, including composing, writing lyrics, for all the songs in this album, proving his potential as a musician. Moreover, by adding BLACK LEVEL’s worldview to the choreography, the mood was maximized.


Meanwhile, BLACK LEVEL’s debut album “New-Start” is scheduled to be released on various music sites at 6 P.M today (February 26th)

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