“Chief Hong” Kim Seon Ho’s great sense of humor that even makes his agency “worried”

Kim Seon Ho’s cheerful and humorous image is not only visible when he plays “Chief Hong” in the drama, but also in real life. 

Kim Seon Ho has recently continued to become “the talk of the town” thanks to his role in “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”, acting alongside Shin Min Ah. He plays Hong Doo Sik, the kind hearted male lead. Despite being unemployed, Doo Sik is always loved by the Gongjin villagers because of his willingness to help everyone.

It turns out that in real life, the actor also has a brilliant sense of humor and entertainment skills. As one of the members on the variety show “2 Days & 1 Night”, he often gives viewers a good laugh with his jokes and funny lines.

Kim Seon Ho 2 days & 1 night
“Chief Hong” owns dozens of degrees and professional certificates

Despite having a handsome appearance with a signature dimpled smile, his dreamy image gets “ruined” completely due to his appearance on “2 Days & 1 Night”. In the show, the actor turns into a variety star with 101 entertainment skills.

The naturally hilarious expressions and funny situations of “Chief Hong” help him cuts in the show become famous and viral among netizens.

Kim Seon Ho 2 days & 1 night
Whenever he appears on a variety show, Kim Seon Ho forgets about keeping his image and brings the audiences a lot of laughters

Kim Seon Ho’s comedic sense in variety shows sometimes becomes the “fear” of his management agency. In an episode aired earlier this year of 2 Days & 1 Night, he revealed that the company asked him to refrain from making comedic expressions to keep his image. But in the following episodes, he totally forgot about what the company reminded him to do.

Kim Seon Ho 2 days & 1 night
Kim Seon Ho’s funny actions even surprised Jessi 
kim seon ho
The actor’s entertaining dance moves

With his funny and sociable personality, Kim Seon Ho always knows how to create a happy atmosphere on set. Everytime the director shouts “cut”, the guy immediately dances and jokes around with everyone.

Kim Seon Ho 2 days & 1 night
An energetic Kim Seon Ho is always a “happy virus” for everyone at the filming set
“Chief Hong” had fun joking with the restaurant owner Jo Nam Sook.  – Video: TikTok @miraae18

In addition to his acting talent, Kim Seon Ho also has many interesting skills that can make the viewers comfortable and feel his energy. That is a big plus to help the actor receive more love from the public. He promises to become the new generation’s male variety star of the Korean entertainment industry.

Source: Hoahoctro

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