FIFTY FIFTY’s Agency Addresses Concerns Over ‘Cupid’ Copyright Registration

On November 27th, ATTRAKT stated, “We have determined a high probability of illegality in the ‘Cupid’ copyright registration process and, specifically addressing this issue, have appointed the Kim & Jang law firm for legal representation.”


Earlier on June 27, ATTRAKT had filed a criminal complaint against The Givers CEO An Sung-il, accusing him of obstruction of business, destruction of electronic records, fraud, embezzlement, and breach of duty at the Seoul Gangnam Police Station.

Kim & Jang law firm revealed, “There are ongoing investigations into document forgery, forgery of documents, and violations of outsourcing contracts related to The Givers and associates concerning the copyright of ‘Cupid.’ We are preparing to respond to cases involving unauthorized registration of copyright shares and plan to address any reduction in Keena’s creative contributions related to FIFTY FIFTY in the future.”

Kim & Jang law firm is assembling a team of copyright specialists to prepare for legal disputes.

Source: daum

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