Celebrities who are known to lead a thrifty and cost-effective lifestyle (ft. BTS’s RM, Lee Yoon-ji, Han Ga-in,…)

Why don’t these stars just buy things from famous brands so that they wouldn’t have to touch anything and waste their time since they have money?

Many unexpected celebrities pursue an economical and cost-effective lifestyle. In particular, these people are often seen saving money by using their natural skillful hands to make household goods and items. 

Lee Jung-hyun, who welcomed her pretty princess in her arms on April 20th, posted a photo on her SNS account before giving birth along with a long message. She said, “I reformed the baby bed I received from my kind sister-in-law. My acquaintances and colleagues said they would send me a new baby bed as a gift, but I decided to make a reform from an old one because I heard I could only use it for 6 months. After I painted the parts that peeled off and purchased only the waterproof pad’s outer blanket, it became a brand new product. I can’t wait to hang the canopy I bought on the Internet at a reasonable price. This is a bed full of blessings”.

Lee Jung-hyun, who boasts her amazing personal connections in the entertainment industry, recently released a photo of her baby shower. Among the overwhelming amount of luxury gifts, the reformed bed drew attention as it looked so unusual.

Lee Jung Hyun

Lee Yoon-ji also caught the eyes of netizens by posting a photo to prove her ‘golden’ hands. She uploaded a picture on her Instagram Story and added the caption, “I’m going to fix the insect net today. I will remove the rubber packing and the torn net. I will replace it with a new net and make a cut with wide margins. The first cut. My toe proves how concentrating I am. I’m holding it tightly and pushing the sealing with a roller”.

Lee Yoon Ji

Lee Yoon-ji was replacing an insect net, which is something that even adult men rarely do. Explaining the process in detail, Lee Yoon-ji said, “I will leave 1mm of the net margins and cut the remaining net again”, adding, “Today’s work went so smooth and it was meaningful. Goodbye mosquitoes. By putting it back to the window frame from the top, the net will automatically go down! Done! Time to eat”.

Moreover, second-hand trading is also known to be a popular place for stars to spend money on. An official in this industry said, ‘In the past, celebrities didn’t know much about this world and lacked economic ideas. However, it seems like this culture has changed 180 degrees these days”. They added, “I can now see more people living with smart consumptions, such as learning investment techniques early and pursuing a cost-effective lifestyle”. 

Actress Han Ga-in even described herself as a person who is addicted to the “second-hand market” on a recent broadcast. Receiving a question about living a frugal life, she said, “I’m also addicted to selling and buying used goods on the second-hand market. If I want to buy children’s books, I can find them there at 10% of the regular price”. She laughed and shared, “Even when I personally come to the market, people won’t recognize me if I wear a mask. They will only ask, ‘Have you ever heard that you look like someone?’”.

Han Ga-in

BTS member RM was also known to have made transactions for second-hand products through Internet sites in the past. At that time, a post titled “BTS RM uses Joonggonara” was uploaded on an online community. The author wrote, “Some time ago, I posted here that I sold pants to BTS RM, but then I was informed that my post was garnering a lot of attention from fans so I deleted it. Today, I saw a picture taken on stars’ way to work on a music show. He wore the pants I sold him. Even seeing it now, it’s cool and surprising. They fit him so gracefully.”


In the photo, the seller, who noticed that the buyer’s name was RM’s real name Kim Nam-joon and that the address was BTS’ dormitory, asked, “Excuse me, are you BTS Rap Monster (RM’s former stage name)?” RM sent a text message saying “Thank you” along with a smiley emoticon, drawing attention.

In addition, Ham Yeon-ji, the third generation of chaebol, made headlines last year when she made her first attempt at second-hand transactions through her YouTube channel. At the time, Ham Yeon-ji expressed her thoughts on her personal SNS, “It was my first time buying a second-hand item yesterday. Why is it so much fun? I’m so into it! I’m going to use it regularly in the future.”

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