2NE1’s Gong Minzy cast in her first movie project ever alongside many other idols

Singer Gong Minzy will challenge herself with acting for the first time. It was through the musical movie “Lovely Voice: The Beginning.”

Gong Minzy
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According to her agency MZ Entertainment on February 19th, Gong Minzy was cast in the OTT musical film “Lovely Voice: The Beginning.”

Lovely Voice: The Beginning” is a romantic music movie in which Kei (Jeong Jin-woon), a promising producer who suddenly hit the bottom in his career, and the intern teacher Dajung (Shin Hye-jung) takes charge of the children’s choir and finds their lost passion and love. Earlier, the movie gathered more than 1,000 applicants through public auditions, which received high attention.

Gong Minzy

Gong Minzy played a supporting role in “Lovely Voice: The Beginning,” but fans are paying much attention as it is her first time acting since her debut. Gong Minzy debuted as a member of the girl group 2NE1 in 2009 and stood out as the main dancer in the team. 2NE1 has established itself as a representative K-pop group by creating hit songs such as “I Don’t Care,” “Ugly,” “Lonely,” and “I’m the Best.”

Gong Minzy has been taking on various challenges since she turned into a solo singer in 2016. The idol showed her talent as a singer-songwriter and actively appeared in variety programs, which were rare during her 2NE1 activities. She showed off a variety of charms in variety programs such as “Sister Slam Dunk Season 2,” “King of Mask Singer,” and “Oh Eun-young’s Gold Counseling Center.” She also showed solid musical abilities through Watcha’s original music show “Double Trouble.”

2ne1 Minzy

Gong Minzy is planning to show a different aspect of herself by expanding her field of activities with acting. In particular, as “Lovely Voice: The Beginning” is a musical film, it is expected that the charm of singer Gong Minzy will be fully displayed. People are focusing their attention on what kind of charm Gong Minzy will show.

Meanwhile, in “Lovely Voice: The Beginning,” Jung Jin-woon, a member of the group 2AM, and Shin Hye-jung, a member of AOA, will work together as the main characters Kei and Dajung respectively. In addition, Yoobin from Wonder Girls, Thunder from MBLAQ, Kim Seol, who was loved as Jinju in tvN’s “Reply 1988, and Lim Seo-won from TV Chosun’s “Miss Trot 2” were also cast. In addition, Cho Eun-sook, Jung Kyung-ho, Mighty Mouth’s Shorry, Noh Woo-jin, and Chae Eun-jung will appear in this movie as well. The movie is directed by Park Chan-yul and scheduled to be released in May.

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