Uhm Jung-hwa expresses anger at fake account “Invest 3 billion won in face maintenance, can’t handle it with income”

Singer-actress Uhm Jung-hwa revealed a fake celebrity account amidst a surge of such impersonation accounts

On October 30th, Uhm Jung-hwa posted a photo on her own account with the caption, “This account is not me. Be careful!!! Bad people!!

uhm jung hwa thumbanil

The shared photo said, “I’m singer-actress Uhm Jung-hwa, 54 years old this year. I’ve maintained my beautiful face thanks to beauty management. I’ve invested more than 3 billion won in cosmetics, but I can’t cover those costs with my daily income. I mostly make a living through stock investments.”

Uhm Jung-hwa expressed anger at someone impersonating her and encouraging stock investments.

Meanwhile, Uhm Jung-hwa is currently meeting the audience through the film “Miss Fortune”.

It tells the story of Ji-hye (Uhm Jung-hwa), who dreams of turning her life around, and her daughter infiltrates the house of a cultural asset broker with a fortune of 60 billion won.

Source: Nate

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