Famous idol A  reportedly paid to illegally buy his “bachelor’s degree”

While A, a famous idol, was embroiled in allegations of illegally buying his bachelor’s degrees at a national university abroad, informant B was cleared of charges of spreading false information.

Informant B told WikiTree, “The accusers sued (me) for stating false information due to my revelation. However, the result of my disposition as a suspect is not guilty,” he said.

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Earlier, A, a former member of a famous idol group, was appointed as a full-time professor of the Department of Dance at Korea Arts School in 2020. Despite only graduating from high school, A conducted dance and dance theory classes.

Meanwhile, A is known to have illegally purchased a bachelor’s degree at the National University of the Philippines for 8.2 million won through the mother of another famous idol member C to continue his position as a professor.


At that time, it was reported that A and C changed their seasonal clothes several times and took manipulated photos to pretend as if they had completed their grades at the mentioned school. Immediately after taking the photos, he received a fake degree certificate and a fake education certificate.

When B, who learned about this, exposed A’s illegal degree case to the media, he sued B for defamation by spreading false facts. However, B was acquitted in July due to insufficient evidence.

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B told WikiTree that they are a researcher who has studied for more than 10 years for a Ph.D. “I know better than anyone else that it takes a considerable amount of time, money, and effort to get a degree, and as a public education worker, I couldn’t ignore this after knowing about it,” they said.

“I only reported the case to the public interest and to guarantee students’ right at the Korean Arts School,” they said. “I did not request anything for my personal interests and had submitted all data that refuted the accusers’ claims during the police investigation.”

Source: wikitree

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