Actress Song Hye-kyo Admits to Han So-hee’s Beauty, Responding to Her Comment

Song Hye-kyo also acknowledged Han So-hee’s beauty.

On the 2nd, Song Hye-kyo left a comment on a photo shared by Han So-hee, saying “So pretty,” and responded to Han’s previous comment.

han so hee

Song Hye-kyo and Han So-hee are starring together in the new drama “The Price of Confession,” which has already drawn attention for its depiction of the bloody chronicles of two women involved in a murder case.

Song Hye-kyo and Han So-hee have confirmed that they will be working together in the drama, and Han So-hee showed her anticipation for their collaboration by leaving a comment on Song Hye-kyo’s photo, saying “Now she’s mine.”

song hye kyo

In response, Song Hye-kyo also left a comment, saying “So pretty.” Fans are excited to see what kind of chemistry the two will show in the drama.

“The Price of Confession,” in which Song Hye-kyo and Han So-hee appear, is directed by PD Shim Na-yeon, who has also directed dramas such as “At Eighteen” and “The Host.”

Source: naver

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